What is the guarantee of electric vehicles?

All light electric vehicles have 2 years of warranty, including batteries, in which this period can also be determined in cycles. Each manufacturer offers more or less guarantee but usually they are around 600-1200 cycles.

What is the battery life of an electric vehicle?

It is estimated that a battery should not lose more than 20% of its initial load capacity after the cycles that cover its warranty (usually between 600 and 1,200 cycles or complete loads). After this period, the battery will continue to work perfectly and will at most lose some range.

So, do I have to change the battery to the limit of the cycle guarantee?

No. The batteries will continue to function perfectly and normally but will gradually lose performance until replacement is required.

Which range do batteries have for electric vehicles?

There are different factors that condition the kilometers announced by the manufacturer according to the type of vehicle and model. There is a demand that we make the engine, the weight it has to withstand, the slope difference during journeys, the ambient temperature … You can see more information about this aspect in our blog entry.

How much does a recharge of an electric vehicle cost?

The cost per charge will largely depend on the rate you have contracted. For guidance, it can range from € 0.45-1 per 100 Km of use.

Where can I charge the battery if I buy a personal mobility electric vehicle in MUI Urban?

The vehicles we have for sale have a fully-loaded freight system in domestic installations. Through a transformer, they can be plugged into any 220V plug such as charging a mobile device or any appliance. In addition, most have removable and low weight and volume batteries, so we can carry it with us without having to be close to the vehicle, which is very useful especially for scooters and motorcycles.

Do batteries need any special care?

Not much, although you always have to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations to ensure maximum durability, especially when not used for long periods of time. Failure to do so could lead to the battery entering “hibernation” mode to self-protect itself or even “the cellular death of the same”, which should be replaced if necessary.

Do lightweight personal electric mobility vehicles need some maintenance?

Although electric vehicles tend to maintenance 0, certain parts such as tires, brake pads or disks should be replaced when necessary and periodically reviewed for safety.

Is there a system that protects the battery?

Yes. It is called BMS (Battery Management System) integrated into the same battery and is responsible for managing and protecting the most expensive and delicate part of our vehicle.

Will there be problems with spare parts?

No. As importers we take care of both supplying spare parts and the cases of warranty and technical support, making the after-sales coverage total.